Construction Assessment Services

Our Construction Assessment Reports are tailored to construction projects that are in dispute. Unfortunately this happens throughout the construction industry with the biggest problem being: "Where exactly are we in the project"? "What is the value of the remaining work in the contract"? "What is the value of the work already done"? "Where do I stand with permits"? and much more.

Our Construction Assessment Reports and Testimony are designed to assist the Courts and our Clients in establishing a benchmark at a fixed moment in the construction project.

We provide NO contracting services or referrals for any project for which we are retained to perform an  assessment and therefore have no vested interest in the results of the Construction Assessment Report.

The values applied to both the work completed and the work remaining are calculated through leading Industry Standard databases and NOT from the "opinions" or "best guesses" of Trades or Contractors.

Our Construction Assessment Reports benefit Lawyers, Paralegals, Mediators, Arbitrators, Owners, Contractors, and the Courts.

The result: A completely objective, clear, and easily understood statement of factual information of the status of a construction project that clearly aids in the resolution of any dispute.